Looking for collaborators

I am looking for collaborators to work on these projects:

From Jane Alison (x, x) and looking to connect to computational literature, sculpture, or decentralized models:


Platform TBD; collaborative writing. A few years ago I placed an ad in Craigslist looking for my grandmother, who passed away in 2011. Last year I told a friend I had been corresponding with her, and his questions gave me the answers to keep writing. I told this updated version to a second friend (a version including the first friend), whose questions guided me again. I’m in round four, and where we are is what should we tell my first friend or my grandmother.

Somna In

A story aspiring to be interactive fiction, Somna In is the moment a person close to me passed away in a Scandinavian setup in 2017. The aim is to develop the world where guests can explore five moments connected to that death using Inform.

Biografía de lo que no / Biography of what didn’t happen

Platform TBD. The aim is to go through belongings of people close to us who have passed away, and create the lives we didn’t know about them as a piece of fiction, and as tribute to their memory. The project had its origin when a friend found pictures of her mother, who was a teacher, as a racing pilot.

Narrative form


Platform TBD. An installation to display the baggage we carry with us. Inspired by women + “these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”