BEFORE SHINE / INNAN GLANS was a collective exhibit of pieces that explored literature through sister arts, gathering around “the mind of an author about to write”, or before literature gets its shine, its finish.

Saturday, May 4th to Sunday May 5th, 2019 at Vollsjö Mill,
a 100-yr old mill turned art space in Southern Sweden.

Hillevi Gustafson △ Jocelyn Ibarra △ Patrik Karlson △ Max Alm-Norell & Bob Hansson △ Jacob Gustavsson △ Cecilia Mazza △ Edith Ekström △ Viktor Lysell Smålänning & Sofia Ivarsson △ Nandini Gupta

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installingour final pieces

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Edith Ekström’s “Untitled”

Our exhibit hoped to provide a space:

to step inside a woman’s mind shaped as a cage with 400 origami bird–thoughts as she wrote electronic literature

– Jocelyn Ibarra’s “Jaula”

to meet sketches and stories from an author whose main characters have to die

– Patrik Karlson’s “Main Character”

to have tea and cookies in front of a woman’s living room in India, and chat with her friends

– Nandini Gupta’s “AFTERNOONS IN APARTMENT 605”

to make a symbol through a ritual act applying light, smoke and mirrors for making present that which is waited for at the moment before creation

– Sofia Ivarsson and Viktor Lysell Smålänning’s “Summoning Godot”
noga & ritualatwork

to be a co-creator of the relentlessness that is to grind ideas

– Hillevi Gustafson’s “Feed the mill”

to find intimacy and inspiration from of strangers around the world as they read from their calendars

– Jocelyn Ibarra’s “Agendas”

to find poetry in SMS and social media

– Edith Ekström’s “Untitled”

to play with a keyboard where an author’s words become sounds through code

– Jacob Gustavsson’s “Virtual wires”

to live the timeline of a poem

– Max Alm-Norell & Bob Hansson’s “Maxism to Bobism”
maxalmnorell & bobhansson

BEFORE SHINE / INNAN GLANS was curated by Jocelyn Ibarra, and heavily made possible thanks to all the artists, and especially through the support of Cecilia Mazza & Patrik Karlson.

As a curator, my biggest takeaway was that it is possible to bond as a team by working together in concept & trust (in oneself and in said concept)–– exposing the vulnerabilities of self-doubt and emotional expression in a joint environment was the strong base that made it possible to create honest pieces and a safe, accepting space for all. Because of this, the connection between individual pieces and a collective theme–experience was noted and praised.