Installation: “Agendas”

A contribution to BEFORE SHINE / INNAN GLANS, a collective exhibit of pieces that explored literature through sister arts, gathering around “the mind of an author about to write”, or before literature gets its shine, its finish.
The exhibit opened in a 100-yr old mill in Southern Sweden during May 2019.

The inspiration for this piece came during a game of present snatching, where party guests give and get ridiculous gifts during winter holidays.

Alex – my muse for this piece, and the first reader in the video – was next to me and revealed his present: a used agenda from the year that had just ended.
I thought this was the most underrated gift of our party, and curiously the one no one wanted: I saw an uncovered angle into someone’s privacy during an entire year, wrapped as a present and everything.
Alex and I read through it during the night, and came up with conclusions and destinies for everyone mentioned, later more people joined.

It is my assumption that this mundanity is special, and that it connects to the ‘go about’ we writers do of observing, imagining lives, being alert to patterns and experiences– all the shapes we need to start making.

“Agendas” became a 22-minute film with friends reading from their calendars and similar:

You can see more images of “Agendas” during BEFORE SHINE / INNAN GLANS here.