Installation: “JAULA”

A contribution to BEFORE SHINE / INNAN GLANS, a collective exhibit of pieces that explored literature through sister arts, gathering around “the mind of an author about to write”, or before literature gets its shine, its finish.
The exhibit opened in a 100-yr old mill in Southern Sweden during May 2019.

“Electronic literature and flocking: a view of an author’s mind

between thought and keyboard.”

Jaula is Spanish for “Cage”

Once I read a story about a woman’s mind being like a cage where a bird -an idea- flew inside as she considered it.

The cage before you symbolises my mind when it’s about to write a piece of electronic literature (you can read the finished story “Mi tia es un algoritmo“, which I placed in the computer inside the cage).

Those birds are my thoughts, forming into categories or recombining into new words, sentences, silences, question marks, commas, periods– the tribe of punctuation. There are less than 500 handmade paper birds.

The rest above (papel picado) is inspired by the Mexican tradition of colour and festivity constantly over our heads, and below by [my] nature, which grounds me.

“Jaula” is about 2x2m and its height is approximately 2.30m. She is available for sale or loan, especially for public spaces that promote literature or imagination. See more images constantly updating here.

BONUS: this adorable snippet.