Los Padres Inventados

“Los Padres Inventados” [The Invented Parents] is a spoken immersive story that takes seven (7) months to tell. The story ends exactly at seven months, regardless of where we are in it. The more time the user dedicates to it, the more of it they will receive.

Here is the core story in English:

By the time my sister was born, I had had three years to prepare a present for her arrival, so I decided to invent our parents.
The problem is that we grew up and I forgot to tell her, and now that they have become a difficulty, I have to tell my parents they’re not real, and my sister that they are just an invention.
The true complication, though, is that I never had a sister but a brother, and I’ve begun to think that the invented one is me.

Here it is in Spanish:

Para cuando mi hermana nació, ya había tenido tres años para prepararle un regalo de bienvenida, así que decidí inventarnos padres.
El problema es que crecimos y olvidé decirle, y ahora que mis padres se han convertido en una dificultad, tengo que decirles a ellos que son inventados, y a ella que todo fue un descuido.
El verdadero problema es que nunca tuve una hermana sino un hermano, y probablemente lo inventado soy yo.

In 2018, Nicole Luján and Patrik Karlson gifted me with an auditory piece that serves as a continuum to my story. Listen below or here.

By March 2019, there are four tellings happening for different persons in the world (3 via the Internet and 1 in person).