Merienda is an installation and an interactive storytelling experience.

As an installation, Merienda is a shrine to my grandmother and to our afternoons together through my childhood in the north of Mexico. The piece is reconstructed only during afternoons between 4pm and 6pm. By February 2019, there have been seventeen reconstructions.

As an interactive storytelling experience, Merienda is sold as yearly subscriptions with monthly iterations in person or online: I will meet with up to 6 guests for two hours (4-6pm local time), to tell stories that will be delivered in a computational poem or story at the end of the year.
If we meet in person, I will also bake for all and bring drinks : )

Merienda is made with ceramic objects found in thrift stores in Spain, wood, plastic, and clay.
Cost for the interactive subscriptions vary depending on location.

The first Merienda; Madrid, 2017
The latest Merienda; Sweden 2019