PALABRAS / La Casa Telepática

PALABRAS is a series of sketches of words the way I see them in my mind.

There are some concepts I see as sounds, as coloured shapes, or just as shapes– numbers don’t look like “6” or “5” when I think of them, they mostly look like wiggly lines with spheres in them.

Similarly, some of my favourite words add visuals to the intonation of their syllables (for my enjoyment, I think).

Even though the sketches of words can never be exactly what I experience (whereas intonation is easy to draw, overall they seem incredibly flawed). What usually works to know if a word is right, is to imagine I jump on each stroke, and that my ride widens and heightens with pronunciation. The enjoyment is in going wide and going up and down.

I am left with the following shapes when I think of these excellent words, made with Chinese ink on 250gr sketching paper:

“Sacapuntas” (pencil sharpener) (ESP)
“Paleta” (lollipop) (ESP)
“Violin” (ENG)

I made these sketches in 2019 because of this convocation: La Casa Telepática, which is a weekly moment online to study drawing as a paranormal practice by some illustrators I really like. See more via instagram using this hashtag: #lacasatelepatica