This is one process to create– from spark to concept. It considers the trust that is necessary to accept Closing ; )

All these animals are different and independent, and are tied one to another by an invisible thread that in another side of life it wouldn’t be distinguishable.
I follow this thread as if electricity had gone out and I had to take myself somewhere necessary, because if I isolated each part, the road wouldn’t have sense.


The Musaeum exists for these reasons:
1. There’s no stopping a bunch of inspired people!
2. A new space to imagine in, for “the computer”
3. A new space to make with others
4. A space to work ideas that can be proposals for DAOstack or to apply elsewhere
5. You are better equipped for a DAO universe if you can generate idea after idea

Google Drive folder.


  • Inspiration is intimately prepared–invoked, and loves form (limits)
  • Do everything possible not to pollute your experience –the first time you’re closing this idea–: phones, people, rules
  • Internal / external mind: PRU20, music, dance, stretch, speak (mute ok)


  • Who you’re doing this for
  • A spell, program, or mantra to trust your abilities, and to grow on
  • Visualising (1) + language (1)
  • If needed: an agile closing ritual


  • Non-sticky squares of white paper for non-linear stories
  • Recording complex thoughts in objects is ok
  • Writing tools in colors, for our future categorising-selves
  • One thing at a time– this process: one goal/delivery per session; each session: 1-3 hours


  • The second side of reality or flipping the sock!
  • “The plantness of the plant”: detectives of the essence of things; the quality that makes them them
  • First inhabiting, then voicing your goal (with objects)

>> “things happening at least twice: inside of me and outside in the street, as if somebody had turned reality inside out, like a sock, and we existed in both sides”
>> as things had two simultaneous existences; I managed to enter the second one
>> the luminous side of existence now this
>> at the same time as we discover objects, we discover our capacity to relate with themas you go through things, they go through you


  • All thoughts in the present: no background, no potential
  • One thought per paper
  • Recording complex thoughts in objects is ok, but write how many
  • Storing thoughts in different parts of the room is a-ok

>> What am I made of? What do I want to be? What do I sound like?
What do I need to be or feel complete? What is my challenge?
What is my riddle? What is my solution? What do I need? Who am I for?


  • Regenerative pause
  • Your mind as a spiderweb
  • Apparitions


  • Categorise paper, number, etc.
  • Rewrite if needed


  • Fever is like the tide, and our process is like the fever
  • Taking a walk to collect what we find; then fragment by fragment, we’ll reconstruct the luminous side here

>> working with teammates: try interactive fiction!
>> talk to each other imagining an interactive fiction exercise
>> collect answers – collect process – use confidence spell/program – use closing ritual – collect fractions of progress

>> test for understanding: if the other understands, it’s done
>> photograph, update the chat


  • Quick retro
  • Do something totally unrelated
  • Carry paper and pens for 2 days
  • Keep turning the sock as needed: always one goal, always in present, always close it, always be nice to yourself 🙂

Very many thanks to Noun Project, as their work helps mine, as well as this.