Taper #4

Taper #4 : ‘A New Trope’ is out & PERSONA‘s Algorithm of Donated Dreams has been picked by editor @anjtinker to be part of it.

Taper is an online literary journal for computational poetry and literary art published twice yearly by Bad Quarto. Each issue is edited by a collective. Editing and production is done in coordination with The Trope Tank at MIT, a laboratory directed by Bad Quarto proprietor and publisher Nick Montfort. Taper is not officially associated with MIT however, wink.

Each of the poems in Taper #4 is licensed as free software for you to use, study, modify, and share however you like, so consider doing so.


Pieces & artists in this edition:
• Doppelgänger by @sofianaudry Sofian Audry
• Myths by Daniel Elfanbaum
• 2kwatd Ho by @miltonlaufer Milton Läufer
• Straight Strategies by @doc_mofo Nick Montfort
• The Algorithm of Donated Dreams by PERSONA
• ((((0)))) by Eugenio Tiselli

Thanks to Angela Chang, Sebastian Bartlett & Judy Heflin for editing this awesome part of the internet, and to Bad Quarto for publishing it 🔮