The eye and the index / Boost Helsingborg

BoostHbg is a regional development fund for new storytelling formats in Skåne, Sweden.

“The eye and the index” is a project that explores blockchain theory for collaborative narrative design.
The project’s curiosity is to know if artists with different skills and in different locations in Skåne (Sweden) would invent new narratives together, which technologies they would use, and the artforms we’d be left with.

It’s called “The eye and the index” because it’s like doing this: *points at eye* *points to the distance* : “Look…!”, which is a communication that can only happen when there’s at least two of us.
It is, then, about pointing to new possibilities in a collective environment.

This idea was –among others– given the 2019 prototyping grant to experiment with a model of interactions using new technologies towards narrative design. The purpose of this support is to be able to test new methods and quickly visualize an idea through a test model / prototype.

Updates and results of the prototype will appear here around November 2019, and on the KATT FANTASTISKT Instagram under the hashtag #theeyeandtheindexboosthbg

You can read my final report in this gitbook:

Preview of the report’s map at