The laboratory of donated dreams 💘⭐🔮

“The Laboratory of Donated Dreams 💘⭐🔮” is a method and living project that explores empathy and immersion through installations, rituals, artifacts, and algorithms.
Every certain time, different forms of the project are developed by a new group of participants distributed in the world, online and in person.

The laboratory is co-imagined and produced with Sofia Ivarsson under our identity PERSONA < 3 X

By October 2019, we have delivered “The Algorithm of Donated Dreams” (online, immersive, 5-minute long experience) for the blockchain DAOstack community, and “The Laboratory of Donated Dreams” (in person, 20-minutes per person over 2 days) for Reshaping Work Barcelona.
Moreover, the algorithm project was chosen for the INTERFACE exhibition in Osaka for Osaka Blockchain Week 2019. The laboratory’s method for curation and collaboration has sprung art pieces like PETROTERAPIA.

The algorithm of donated dreams is a living sociotechnical artifact that received, gathered, remixed, and transformed individual dreams, visions, wants, and hallucinations from Genesis DAO community members into a text made by an algorithm.
The code originated from an electronic literature community in MIT.

The algorithm’s context is ‘future societies’, and participants were asked questions related to empathy, optimistic futures, and the society that lived in their dreams. We see DAO communities as a source of idealism that should be protected.

The results were: a ritual to access personal and empathetic donations, a poem, and code that lives free on the Internet for anyone else to grow.

Our exploration was people interfacing with the blockchain system through humans who would interpret and translate (i.e. interoperate) signs, symbols, and emotions– for a total interface of dreamers, dreams, oracles, and code.

We found that the ritual (“the world as lived and the world as imagined”) was the purest interface between organic and artificial beings.

Watch the ritual here:

See the poem and code here

More of everything at: PERSONA’s site / PERSONA’s instagram