The Musaeum of Unfinished Idaeas

A project for participants in DAOs, freelancers, consultants, or small firms. Especially great for artists, creators of many kinds, and children.

The Musaeum of Unfinished Idaeas are workshops on how to process unpolished ideas, or workshops to develop personal or collective creative processes.

There are two usual starting points:
1. Individually: activities related to finding one’s creative process, testing methods and tools to close unfinished work together using the newfound process.
2. As a group: it’s activities connecting team members in order to advance their unfinished work.

See a Musaeum proposal for DAOstack here, a project connected to The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, a research center at Harvard University.

The Musaeum of Unfinished Idaeas is open to everyone, including children accompanied by their families, and is supportive of the LGBTQ community. Work can be done in English, Spanish, and/or French.